Welcome to Scotts Field Pork, the home of Norfolk’s finest rare breed pork.

"We produce meat that is full of flavour and succulence, something that is missing from the mass produced food that most of us eat today".

In the shadows of Oxburgh Hall in West Norfolk you will find our herd of Large Black pigs.Norfolk Walk the Pork 6427

Born and reared outside, the pigs are grown slowly and are free to roam in spacious paddocks which encourages their natural behaviour. Although rare today the breed is indigenous to East Anglia and the meat produced is renowned for being flavoursome with a succulent texture.

Owner, Robert Simonds comes from a background of commercial pig breeding but now continues the tradition begun by his great grandfather Dr Andrew Kay who first kept a herd of pedigree large blacks in his orchard at The Manor House, Blakeney in North Norfolk during the 1920s.

My grandmother Mabel recalls in her memoirs…

‘My father was finding it hard to pay for our education so he grew apples and had a herd of pedigree black pigs which were a great success. We once brought up an orphan pig called Billykins in the house. He helped Shorter, our handyman-cum-chaffeur wait at table, we could hear them both coming down the corridor when we rang the bell’

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Scotts field pork is very much a family affair too. Robert's wife Sarah and their two children Georgie & Paddy are all involved with looking after the pigs as well as their small flock of Jacob sheep.

We do not sell our pork direct to the public but it can be found in the best butchers shops and on the finest restaurant menus throughout  Suffolk , Norfolk and beyond.

You can keep up to date with what is happening on the farm by reading my blog  - Rob The Pigman. You can like us on Facebook com/Rob The Pigman and follow me on twitter - @robthepigman.

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